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"Behind the facade."

70 x 100 cm.

The painting is inspired by the climate that prevails on social media, among other things, right now.
There is a lot of bullying, hate comments, hanging out and many people are not pressured to reflect how this affects the person / persons who are exposed to this.
Many people seem to think that they are not taking it, that they are just shaking it off, that they SHOULD shake it off.

Have we forgotten to treat others as we ourselves want to be treated?

"Behind the facade" is an important reminder that behind the facade on social media there are people. People like you and me who know things, think things and who also get sad and hurt by outbursts, comments.

Color scale: Dark gray, dark blue, light gray, light blue, beige and white. 

Metallic color: Metallic white / silver.

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