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"Where the thoughts wander."

100 x 70 cm.

"Where the thoughts wander." 70 × 100 cm

Do you have a place where your thoughts wander when you need to clear your head? ⠀
Do you have a special place where you feel that "Here I can breathe and recover."? ⠀

I have some places like that and maybe it's more of a kind of feeling of freedom no matter what the place is

This work is meant to show that feeling. Maybe it's easier for you to find the inner calm place if you look at something soft, calm and quiet. ⠀
This painting is meant just for that

Like those photographs in a forest where the sun's rays peek out from behind the branches, you know what I mean, right? ;)

I wanted to do something similar but without something that represents something specific. ⠀

The color scale is gray-green, dark green, pale green, dark blue, blue-green, beige and off-white. ⠀
The metallic shades are old gold and a gold / graphite mix.

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