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"Butterfly kiss."

120 x 120 cm.

This is the largest square work I have done so far and also one of the works that has the softest transitions between the color fields.


In this work, I was inspired by the soft, warm, nice and intimate that one can experience with another person. That little touch that can mean so much and the irritability in the stomach that makes the world feel feathery underfoot.  


A butterfly kiss is when a person has his face close to another person's face and the eyelashes touch the person's cheek, when one blinks.  


The painting is almost exclusively in earthy tones such as different shades of brown, beige and white. The only cooler feature is the dark gray fields, which are a dark blue-gray shade (Payne's gray).

The metallic element in the painting is bronze / brass.  

Price: 10,000: -

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