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"Not really there."

60 x 60 cm.

Despite the size of this painting, it took a few weeks longer than it usually does to get finished paintings in similar sizes. I struggled a lot to get the composition "just right" and that no area would take over or make the painting "tip".


This sometimes happens if you put too much weight in a corner or edge, without a counterweight so that dynamism and balance are created.


With this painting I want to present the feeling of when but want something very much but maybe not really arrived yet. It can be a dream you have, a project you are working on or something similar.


Just like in many of my other paintings, there is an ambivalence in this one as well. You can choose to see the painting as if you do not know how the "scenario" ends, the person arrives or the person does not?


You can also interpret the painting as a look back from just before the person arrived, but has now actually arrived. A bit like when someone asks you, "When did you know that ...?" or "What was the moment when you thought about maybe giving up, but kept going?"

Almost like a crucial memory or feeling that most people have ever experienced.


Color scale: Dark gray, dark blue, light gray, lighter blue shades and a little beige.

The metallic colors: Metallic white and gold mix.

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