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"I'm my own now."

100 x 100 cm.

From the beginning, I thought of making this work very beige, white and light. Very "trendy" simply
But I have a hard time with full beige and I have a hard time with trends
So it instead became a color scale in dark green and gray-green mixed with earthy tones, but some nude-metallic tones. ⠀

When I was halfway there, I thought it would represent feet in the sand by the sea and a kind of feeling of being close to nature. ⠀

Instead, it came to represent the feeling of daring, strength and fully being its own person

Just like I did when I did not want to pursue the trendy in this work, but instead do what I am. ⠀

"I am my own now" represents everything from daring to decorate as you want, to using that cardigan you love - even though it became "untidy" 2 years ago, using that eye shadow you love - even though it is " out". ⠀
Yes, everything that is you, that you want and feel for. And how unimportant it is to be "inside" or "trendy" 🌟⠀

Color scale: warm brown, dark green, gray-green, some smaller blue-green areas, gray-brown, warm-beige, nude-metallic tone on raw linen cloth.

Price: SEK 7,000

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