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"Come lilies and aquileia."

50 x 70 cm (x2).

It's been a while since I made a couple now and I probably still thought it was time! ⠀

This color combination has made me tear my hair. I was incredibly frustrated for a while because the combination pink / green has never been my thing. Is not super fond of any of the colors separately either 😅 ⠀

But judge my surprise when this work became very much more balanced than I thought and made me both excited and happy! ⠀
The title is taken from a series of summer songs that I (and probably millions of other people) sang at the end of school as a child, among other things, namely "Out in our paddock".

The work gives me summer feelings, in a nice way. One out in the country in the summer way. A sea breeze in hair and face style. ⠀
The work clearly has strong associations to Skåne and Helsingborg and even though I did not like the city enough to stay, I have many fantastic summer memories from it. ⠀

There is not much that beats the color dance of the sky at sunsets on the beach while the gulls glide with air under their wings.

It's almost like I do not want to let go of these at all! ⠀

The color scale is in dark green, dark blue / purple, lighter green, orange / pink tones, lighter pink and purple tones and a little eggshell white. ⠀
The metallic shades go in pink, purple and dark green.

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