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LM Erikssons väg 14, 27-28 November 2021


This whole collection, which I have chosen to call "Frost", is about the winter season.  


The six months that undoubtedly affect me extremely much every year. I get low on energy, more often I feel inadequate, bad, uninteresting and bland than I do in the summer.  

Equally damned, I think there is such an ambivalent feeling that nature is so heavenly beautiful in the winter. It's like a little war inside me, incredibly bittersweet.  


Hope you will like these smaller works in the collection "Frost" which will be sold at Konstfack's Christmas market 27-28 November!


Technology and style:

I paint lyrical abstraction, which is an art style that originated first in France (abstraction lyrique) after World War II and then in the United States (lyrical abstraction) in the 1960s-1970s.

One of the pioneers of lyrical abstraction was Vasily Kandinsky, who likened his own works to musical compositions that convey emotions in an abstract way.

The term lyrical abstraction is not unambiguously defined, but in general it usually stands for a lyrical, or poetic, element that via implied references or associations conveys some form of feeling, often with existential undertones. Associations with natural impressions are common, preferably performed with elegant intensity.

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