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"When you close your eyes."
60 x 80 cm.

Exhibition works!

Do you remember when a child sometimes did not dare to close his eyes when his favorite program went on TV, for fear of missing something important? ⠀

I guess it might change when we grow up? We sometimes close an extra moment to gather that second more energy. ⠀

Or those moments this spring when you close your eyes and turn your face to the sun. As we stand there and close our eyes, so many thoughts, thoughts, longings for things, people or places fly by. Then we open our eyes and continue our day

This painting is about those moments with closed eyes and face facing the sun ☀️⠀

Color scale: shades of dusty pink, umber, warm gray and beige. Raw umber and tan-black shades as well as metallic shades of light copper and white. 

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