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"The seconds before the Big Bang."

80 x 80 cm.

Do you know this tension that exists before something explodes? That feeling.

Regardless of the size of our explosions, everyone has most likely ever felt this feeling, maybe just before you go on stage and play something, sing or talk? Maybe just when you realize that you are about to kiss someone and the feeling appears the second before your lips meet? Or maybe you felt the feeling before throwing yourself on an airplane and then pulling out a parachute?
Maybe it's the feeling when you're about to open a letter or email that you know contains something that will determine something just for you.

This painting represents just that feeling.
The painting is dark, painted on a black canvas because I imagine it looks and feels just like that, before the explosion makes all the colors of the world visible at the same time.

The color scale is in: Black, payne's gray, different shades of gray, warm gray and different metallic shades.

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