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"Late summer nights."

70 x 100 cm.

Surely there is something almost magical about late summer nights? ⠀
A little nostalgic. ⠀

I think everyone has different feelings, experiences and thoughts about late summer nights - but I think they all have these different feelings in common. ⠀
The feeling of enjoying a little, a little extra of every minute of them. ⠀
Because we know that autumn and winter will come after them and we all probably want to stay a little, a little bit in these balmy nights. ⠀

Why the nights then? Well, because there are many who love even the hottest summer days and even those who do not enjoy the heat at all. ⠀
But the nights feel like a time when there is a kind of fitness. Where at some point most people fit in and we find ourselves a little closer to ourselves and each other

The color scale is in warm burnt tones, dusty pink, warm orange / pink, beige / pink tones and off-white.
The metallic tones are in bronze / gold with a few parts of only gold and pink shimmer.

Price: 4700: -

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