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About Alexandra JS

What does your art represent? ⠀


My name is Alexandra and I was born -91 and grew up in Helsingborg but now live in Stockholm for 10 years.

I paint in lyrical abstraction, which is a narrow branch of abstract painting that emerged from French abstract expressionism (around the same time as action painting emerged).

I usually say that I paint poetry because all works are created from poetic texts or attributed to them afterwards.
This is because I want to share how I see the world and want to invite and share those visions with the viewer.

Many people think that my paintings depict clouds or sea landscapes, but they do not. My works illustrate what I think emotions would look like if we could see them.
That's why I often mix warm, cold, dark and light colors, because we rarely feel just one feeling at a time.

My paintings are painted with acrylic painted with only brushes as tools. The transitions between the color fields come from the fact that I have always been fascinated by 18th century portrait and nature painting since a young age and wanted to see how soft I could get them with acrylic paint.

Welcome to my world!

Where do you find your inspiration from?

My biggest source of inspiration is without a doubt life. Everything from how it feels to put your feet down on a warm wooden floor on a summer morning, to larger existential questions such as "What does life really mean?"

I often think about existential issues, societal structures, what driving forces exist in different people and why they think,

feel and do as they do.
In short, people's different life destinies inspire me.

After many years of mental illness, I strive to open up to sometimes difficult topics of conversation through my art. And that people feel less lonely in their emotions by talking about how they experience the world and life.


2012 - 2013 - Fridhems Folkhögskola analog photography.
2015 -2016 - Sigunas Folkhögskola - Art line
2016 - now - Konstfack, subject teacher education
focusing on image and media



Konstfacks våruställning 15 - 24 maj
Hägernäs Strands Galleri jun-aug 

Galleri Diva, Stockholm
Konstfack - Havet, Stockholm


Konstfack - Pölen, Stockholm
Kaffemissionären, Stockholm
Pride park, Stockholm
Fearless gallery, Stockholm


Art Nordic, Copenhagen

Artist Arena, Stockholm 

Valentina's Living Room & Studio, Stockholm

Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm
Romele Konsthall's spring salon
Juste Gallery, Stockholm
A House, Stockholm (Ayearofhealingxhbt


JUSTE Gallery, Stockholm
Gallery Hind, Stockholm

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