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Do you dream of a painting that is not in the webshop?

Do you want a specific color scale that would fit perfectly with your interior details?
Maybe you want to order a painting similar to one of my previous works? Each artwork is unique, but I can paint similar, with the earlier work in mind.

Sometimes it is difficult to know exactly what you are looking for, please hear from you anyway and we will create something new and fantastic together!

Do not hesitate to contact me or
use the form below or email me
then we agree on colors, composition and dimensions
that suits you.

Circus price per size:

50 x 70 cm - 2000 kr.
70 x 100 cm - 2800 - 3300 kr.
80 x 100 cm- 3000 - 3500 kr.
100 x 120 cm - 4500 - 5000 kr
100 x 150 cm - 5200-6000 kr.

By other measures - contact me!

Thank you for your message!

When ordering or questions about orders, please contact me via the form below!


How long does an order take?

I work as much and as quickly as possible with every order that comes in!
In order to get the right mood and feeling in each painting, I have to work in batches so as not to stare blindly at details and to be able to see new possibilities for each individual painting.
Therefore, an order takes between 2-4 weeks to complete.

Is it possible to ship the paintings?

Of course, the paintings can be sent to you / you!
I use to calculate the shipping so that your painting / paintings reach you in the safest and fastest way.
Therefore, freight is calculated individually depending on dimensions and weight.

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